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If you are looking for tenants, why not place your property information on our wesite?
Nippon Tenant Office operates two websites:

 1. Office Leasing Website:
 2. Retail Leasing Website:

※Placing property information on our website is free of charge.
※You may be asked to have a picture taken to place property information on the website.
※Property Information may be placed after leasing terms have been mutually agreed.
※Article is written by our staff. Please ask us should you have any requests.

Once the information is on our website, all you have to do is just wait for a phone call requesting to rent the space.
Our mission is to find a customer who is looking for a space to open a new office or start new business. We are here to match the owner's request and tenant's needs.
Please feel free to call us for more details.


TEL +81-3-6661-0916 FAX +81-3-6661-0925 For question via email

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